Hello! Thanks for supporting our family! Ashley is on the left and Michelle is on the right. :)

Mother/Daughter Team designing beautiful items for your baby!

Thanks for stopping by Baby Maes! We are a small shop run by two moms, who happen to be mother and daughter! Michelle started this shop as a hobby in 2010, but a few years back it became too much for her to handle on her own. Timing was just right and her daughter, Ashley, was able to help the business through a busy Christmas season! It was so great that we decided to make it a permanent thing! Wouldn’t you know, things worked out perfectly when Ashley and her husband learned they were expecting their first little one!!! This little business has grown into something that helps to support both of our families and allows Ashley to be a stay at home mom to her sweet baby girl!! We’re so thankful for each and every customer and we run our business like every customer is family! Thank you for shopping with us!